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The protection and security of any organisation’s information is critical. Fortunately we’ve built a number of highly robust security processes and procedures into our technology from the outset:

  1. All information utilises ‘Software as a service’ (SaaS) which provides instant, on-demand solutions where the sourced information itself is hosted centrally (Cloud) and accessed through various channel devices (desktop/laptop computer, smartphone, tablet). The SaaS allows for two-way information exchanges across all of these devices.

  2. As the core information is hosted on the Cloud the delivery device does not, at any time, store sensitive information. Therefore theft or loss of the device does not create a security concern. (Note: certain information can remain on the device for specific scenarios, eg: commissioning checklist in location with weak signal)

  3. Access to the Cloud from the device can carry single or multiple levels of security checkpoints: standard p.i.n., dynamic live password, etc. and as new technologies become commonplace in these devices (fingerprint, face recognition, etc.) they can be deployed to the app without any significant logistical headaches

  4. Lost or stolen devices can be disabled remotely

curvedbit is a bespoke, fully secure, business eco-system customised to suit your business needs.
It combines existing business systems, software and devices with smartphone and tablet technology to provide seamless,
real time information and communication to ensure your business functions at maximum performance
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