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The following are just some examples of where our technology can be applied to mobile devices to greatly enhance corporate management:

  • Human Resource management
  • Calendar management - shared diaries, 2-way interaction
  • Staff & Team contact & location details - including in-app contact options: messaging, phone, email, video, intelligent live geo-locating, etc.
  • Communication - person to person, person to selected group, person to all (phone, text, video, etc.)
  • Proposals Management - input, amend & interrogate standardised documents (eg: CV’s) followed by ‘sharing’ options including the ability for the App to format the required document and place it in a proposal folderCompany policies & procedures
  • Meeting control/records - allowing meetings to be scheduled, recorded, distributed and filed immediately
  • Customer Relations Management - allowing your sales team to input details of meetings immediately, from the meeting location itself if necessary. This can be combined with contact details, geo-location to provide a powerful tool for maximising the productivity of your team


curvedbit is a bespoke, fully secure, business eco-system customised to suit your business needs.
It combines existing business systems, software and devices with smartphone and tablet technology to provide seamless,
real time information and communication to ensure your business functions at maximum performance
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