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The following are just some examples of where our technology can be applied to mobile devices to greatly enhance project management:


  • Project folders - with controlled access
  • Project reporting - text, photos, etc.
  • Verifiable reporting of progress or other time-related issues - lat/long geolocating, timestamp, and linking of images, reports, etc.
  • Supply chain management - including tracking options, QR Codes, Supplier database, Goods Received
  • Billing module - including timelogs, valuations, change management, billing, disputes, etc.
  • Scheduling - utilising live fluidity coding: any delay issue can immediately prompt the app to automatically display the consequences
  • Remote system monitoring - System status can be viewed through app from any location
  • Dynamic Commissioning - Checklist, monitoring, verifiable reporting, etc.
  • Document Control
  • QA/QC Management
  • Health and Safety management
  • Preparation of 'As-Builts' and 'O&M Manuals'


curvedbit is a bespoke, fully secure, business eco-system customised to suit your business needs.
It combines existing business systems, software and devices with smartphone and tablet technology to provide seamless,
real time information and communication to ensure your business functions at maximum performance
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