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Building an Integrated Education Platform

Aptriva is working at present with a number of significant education stakeholders in building a unique and powerful Integrated Education Platform. For a number of years now VLE's (Virtual Learning Environments) have been used widely, but we believe that recent advances in smart devices now allows for a full tech-leap beyond the abilities of current platforms into a new Integrated Education Platform landscape. With our proprietary 'CurvedBit' technology we can deliver a comprehensive educational eco-system where everything 'just works' and does so in an integrated and intuitive manner. Some of the interaction channels are as follows:

Teacher to Student 
- In class learning with 'follow my lead' control of teacher over student devices
- Automatic delivery of teacher notes (written and verbal) to student devices
- Highly dynamic teaching environment
Student to Teacher
- Uploading of homework and notes
- Simple management of all school activity in one eco-system - including digital books, timetables, homework, project work, field trips, notes, resources, etc.
Student to Student
- Sharing of notes
- Remote collaboration 
Teacher/School to Parent
- Notifications
- Certifiable signing by parent of delivered information, progress updates
Teacher to Teacher
- Professional development
- Collaboration
School / Education Authority
- Personalised ecosystem
- Ability to integrate with existing school management software
- Trending and pattern analysis

Educational Publishers

In the rush to migrate printed schoolbooks on to digital devices, educational publishers currently face two different approaches. Option 'A' utilises PDF files (or similar) with some enhancements added. This allows for a quick route to market and is relatively cheap to deliver. However it fails to tap into most of the enhanced opportunities available.

Option 'B' has dynamic text at its core and is the option which Aptriva currently provide. Right now we can demonstrate the following:

- dynamic text
- document searching (words & phrases)
- access to in-device dictionary
- full use of device accessibility functions (text to speech, etc.)
- ability to increase text size
- note taking (locked to relevant section/page)
- dynamic menus
- embedded content (video & audio)
- live linking to external content
- enhanced teacher control ('follow my lead', automatic delivery of notes - text and audio, etc.)
- on the fly updating
- future proof


curvedbit is a bespoke, fully secure, business eco-system customised to suit your business needs.
It combines existing business systems, software and devices with smartphone and tablet technology to provide seamless,
real time information and communication to ensure your business functions at maximum performance
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