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General Scenario

WasteHaste owns a waste processing facility, turning household waste into fuel. A sub-contractor, Smith Ltd, collects the waste and brings it to the facility whenever any of its 10 trucks are full. Smith Ltd can bring the waste to WasteHaste at anytime, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and without notice. However, each of Smith’s trucks will deliver to WasteHaste at least once every 24 hours. WasteHaste undertakes to receive the waste at any time without delay and to allow Smith’s trucks to unload their waste within ten minutes of arriving at the facility.

If a truck has not been unloaded within 10 minutes, WasteHaste must pay £100 to Smith. If the truck has still not been unloaded by WasteHaste within 30 minutes they must pay Smith a further £10/minute waiting time until the truck has been unloaded. Stacking of the trucks at the facility is not allowed. However WasteHaste has the right to stack trucks at the outer gate, which is 1 mile away from the facility, for a maximum of 30 minutes per truck. One truck brings food waste in, so we need to keep an eye on this one. When it unloads, it must not be mixed with any other waste and the conveyor belts and equipment must be thoroughly hosed down and the area completely cleaned afterwards.

Primary Benefits of applied Aptriva

  1. WasteHaste can geo-locate the 10 trucks owned by Smith, together with all its own assets (Managers, employees, vehicles, etc.), and contact details for all personnel (WasteHaste’s own personnel, plus suppliers and sub-contractors, including Smith Ltd). Aptriva can see if trucks are on their way in to the facility, and all the details of the trucks are accessible to us (including driver phone number, insurance cert, etc).
  2. Critical parts of machinery at the facility are bar-coded and linked to supplier’s details, etc.
  3. Details of how to handle each type of waste is available to the facility staff - particularly useful for hazardous waste, although Smith Ltd are not supposed to bring it in (e.g. car batteries, paint, etc).
  4. Procedures for cleaning down the area after the food waste is delivered are available to all personnel at the facility.
  5. Drawings and procedures for maintaining, dismantling and repairing all of the equipment on site is available at the click of a button.
  6. Emergency numbers and procedures are also available in the same way.

Sample Events

  1. WasteHaste control the stacking of trucks by geo-location and by automated communication with drivers at main entry gate.
  2. One truck brings car batteries in - WasteHaste can click on a document that describes what to do with them.
  3. Another truck breaks down at the facility causing a delay. Smith Ltd management are auto-contacted to inform them. WasteHaste take pictures, link it to time, record the incident and then instantly contact a specialist towing company to move it out of the way. Main gate is auto-informed to arrange stacking of delayed trucks.
  4. The truck bringing food waste discharges its load. The conveyor belt breaks down and there's a malfunction in the jetting/cleaning equipment so that the belt can’t be cleaned either. As an added problem, a valve fails in the cleaning equipment resulting in a major leak and consequent flooding. The site manager needs to act quickly as the delays are WasteHaste’s fault and could result in substantial damages being paid to Smith. The site manager uses the full range of Aptriva tools available to him to:
    • Inform his Operations Director who is about to board a plane
    • Contact the conveyor belt supplier to obtain a spare part
    • Establish that there is a spare valve in stores and arrange for it to be brought to the facility
    • Arrange for a pipefitter to attend site to repair the leak and arrange for extra labour to clear up the mess
    • The site manager’s procedure manual, visible through his iPad, tells him the precise timing for the conveyor belt repair so he is able to monitor and control how long it will take, sign off various stages of completion, inform everyone officially, record the task, etc. He uses augmented reality panorama to confirm to his Ops Director the extent of the damage and the fact that it has been completed.
  5. Site Manager can easily complete his daily report and timesheet from his iPad, linking all of the above information together.

Productivity Wins

  • Constant live monitoring of major operational items
  • Live cohesion of delivery management
  • Significantly reduced ‘down-time’
  • Remote access to operations (even when about to board a plane!) allowing immediate decision-making since distance and time are no longer barriers 
  • Instant problem-solving ...informed by the remote team
  • Significant reduction in double-inputting of operational data (now inputted once via mobile device)
  • Significant reduction in end-of-day reporting (inputted on the fly via mobile device)

Profitability Wins

  • Reduction in facility downtime
  • Reduction in penalty fees paid to third parties
  • Increase in gate fees
  • Increase in overall productivity


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