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General Scenario

Acme Sales has a national sales-force of 100 people. This sales-force begins each day at one of Acme’s 5 regional offices where they collect their call-sheets. At the end of each day, each member of the sales-force must input the notes taken from each meeting on to the company’s central servers. During the course of each day a non-planned emergency call is often required, and this usually results in the relevant regional office calling around its staff to see who is closest to the issue ...and is also available to manage it. At present each staff member must call the office when heading into a meeting, and call again once that meeting is finished.

Primary Benefits of applied Aptriva

  1. The entire sales force is now constantly tracked all day long. Management can see when staff are in meetings, and when they’re on the move between meetings

  2. Acme’s stock system is also accessible through the system, allowing on-the-fly ordering and shipment tracking

  3. Responses to un-planned emergency calls can be managed dynamically

  4. The eco-system allows the sales-force to report action-points from each meeting on-the-fly

Sample Events

John is sitting at his kitchen table having just finished his breakfast. He activates his Acme app on his smartphone and his working day begins. He’s instantly notified of the eight calls he has to make that day and is instantly relieved that his first call is now only 10 minutes away. In the past it would have meant a one hour round trip to get to the office first and then head back the same direction to the meeting.

This first meeting is with a new client for John and he’s unsure of their location. The app guides him directly to their carpark. Before leaving the car he switches the app to ‘in-meeting’ mode. This brings up a new set of options for him, and also advises the regional office of his status (Offices can now see at a glance who’s ‘busy’, ‘away’, ‘online’, etc.).

During the meeting the customer has a number of issues:

- Customer needs more product ‘x’, and needs it soon. John sees that we’ve got plenty of it in stock, orders it live and instantly advises on the delivery schedule

- Customer enquires about whether or not Acme has an alternative product to one currently provided by a competitor. John uploads images of the product to his central support centre and they make a number of recommendations. Customer is impressed and makes an immediate decision to purchase.

- Once back in the car John switches his app back to normal mode and is instantly informed of an urgent requirement to meet a customer who is close by. He accepts the request, downloads the specifics of the call and the rest of his day is automatically amended.

- During the day he continues to work through his calls. In the past he’d have had to finish at 3.30pm to allow time to manage his daily call sheets and upload them to centre. Now however all of this is done on-the-fly and he’s able to fit in an additional two calls each day.

Productivity Wins

  • Additional 2 meetings per day x 100 sales staff
  • Increased sales per call due to increased abilities of sales staff 
  • Increased general productivity due to awareness that management are aware of live location
  • Live problem-solving

Profitability Wins

  • Overall increase in turnover arising from increased productivity
  • Reduction in overheads (secretarial staff, phone costs, fuel, expenses, etc.)
  • Increase in competitor replacement

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