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General Scenario

Suntown City Council (SCC) are responsible for a city of 500,000 people and utilise an annual budget of £1 billion to provide suitable services and infrastructure. In recent years it's had considerable success in migrating counter-based services to the web, delivering savings of 10%. They now wish to utilise Aptriva technology to further this migration while also making themselves and their commercial rate-payers more relevant to their communities.

Primary Benefits of applied Aptriva

  1. Existing web-migrated elements can now be pushed to mobile ...making them even more accessible: payments (council tax, business rates, parking fines, penalties, etc.), applications (jobs, planning, benefits, registrations, etc.), Reporting (traffic, anti-social behaviour, water leaks, noise, etc.), finding (maps, events, libraries, carparks, family history, etc.)

  2. The above elements can now have additional functionality through the application of Aptriva, for example:- Live-searching for parking will find the closest spaces to you - Maps and Events can show alterations on-the-fly, utilise geo-location elements and allow user interaction - Reporting can now geo-locate source of problems and allow the user to record issues and upload same

  3. Locating key city services is aided through intelligent dynamic routing, incorporating automated telephony support

  4. A bespoke, personalised, 24/7 eco-system for those who visit, live, work or play in Suntown City

Sample Events

  1. Resident of Suntown City wishes to accomplish three tasks today - visit local library (by car), pay a fine, and enquire about an upcoming concert in the town hall. All of the following is done on their SCC phone app:
    - check library opening hours
    - find an available parking space close to library
    - pay the fine while walking from parking spot to library
    - find out information about the concert (including a video of the artist), purchase a ticket, and receive a virtual ticket which can be presented by their phone at the event. 

  2. Resident of Suntown City comes out of their home to find a leaking water main outside their house. Using their SCC phone app the following happens:
    - out-of-hours reporting of issue
    - instant geo-location of issue
    - photograph/video of issue uploaded
    - on-call manager notified of issue and can manage his assets using Aptriva
    - response team know location and scale of issue before setting off
    - reponse can be managed on the fly

  3. Visitor to Suntown City is out for the day. Using their SCC phone app they:
    - consider a number of outdoor options for the afternoon, based on their interests. They choose a cross-country walk
    - Parking location for this walk is recommended and directions provided
    - While on the walk, additional useful information is provided (what to watch for, flora, fauna, etc.)
    - Once completed and back in their car, a number of nearby f&b offerings are suggested
    - Once fed and watered, recommendations are given for evening entertainment and accommodation
    - Throughout their visit they’re encouraged to share their experience, through built-in social channels to their own networks and those of Suntown City

Productivity Wins

  • Migration of supports out of hard offices 
  • Always-on support 
  • Significantly reduced ‘down-time’ for key SCC services
  • Move to automation removes internal secretarial requirement
  • Proactive use of technology removes much of the need for reactive contingencies
  • Instant problem-solving

Profitability Wins

  • Reduction in costs for providing counter-based support
  • Reduction in printing of collateral material
  • Increase in cross-selling to commercial rate-payers
  • Increase in visitor spend
  • Increase in resident cross-spending
  • Increase in positive perception of SCC

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